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welcome to losmen tintin ( tintin homestay )

                                         Bungus Beach guest house

View of losmen tintin ( tintin home stay )
At bungus beach is no so many guest house here , but one of them very good and friendly people is losmen tintin ( tintin homestay )  because the owner Raoul and al very nice people and they can 
help what you want to do in west sumatra  ( information ) .when you stay here you will fell like your home.The room very close to beach and front of the beach  . The price is not so expensive here you can pay 12 $ includes breakfast for two people and free WiFi .

View in front of Losmen tintin , you can see nice sun set here. At bungus beach you see local fishermen with net and you can snorkeling here too , but the time only in the morning because the 
water a clear .

How to get here 
Bungus is 21km from Padang to the South.
You can get a 'mobil' from the Pasar in Padang for Rp.5000 ea. +3000 for a bag
Losmen Tintin has 5 rooms, with small 'kamar kecil' bathroom, water, electricity supply, mozzie net, twin bed, fan
easy access to shops/restaurants along the road - good nasi padang to the left, others to the right but a long way
Raul caters breakfast with pancakes, scrambled eggs etc, sumatra coffee, fruit juices
can arrange BBQ
Bungus bay is quiet with only a few fishing boats, coarse sand with high coral content, coral rocks, clean water, nice for relaxing but its too small to explore!

Picture of losmen tintin

 Inside room of Losmen tintin

toilet and mandi

We hope you can enjoy here

kind of Activity at a losmen tintin
  1.  Island trip
  2.  trip to water fall

Island trip

At bungus beach so many island you can visit , around 5 until 7 island but the most beautiful  is
Pagang island and persumpahan island ,  the name of the island :
  • Pagang island 
  • persumpahan island
  • Sirandah island 
  • Sinyaru island
  • Sikuai island 
  • Mantangur island
  • Sironjong island 
And  from Losmen tintin also organize  island trip close by 
with the price for 1 day ( day trip ) :
  •  Rp 250 Per / person minimal 5  peoples    1 day trip
  •  Rp 200 Per/  person minimal 6  peoples    1 day trip
  •  Rp 190 Per/  person minimal 8  peoples    1 day trip
  •  Rp 180 Per/  person minimal10 peoples    1 day trip
                     Camp trip 1 night 2 days  :

  •  Rp 400 Per/ person minimal  5  peoples   1 night 2 days 
  •  Rp 375 Per/ person minimal  6  peoples   1 night 2 days
  •  Rp 350 Per/ person minimal  7  peoples   1 night 2 days
  •  Rp 325 Per/ person minimal  8  peoples   1 night 2 days
  •  Rp 300 Per/ person minimal  9  peoples   1 night 2 days

Includes :

       -  food 
       -  Boat
       -  Fruits
       -  Water 
       -  Tea and coffee
       -  Snorkeling equipment
       -  Tend   

Picture of island

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